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why stay here?

  • Tuberoses, frangipani, and bougainvilleas everywhere

  • Tranquillity

  • Good ol’ fashioned pool-side relaxing


feel & design

Amanusa is comprised of suites and villas, set on a hillside with views of Mount Agung (if the weather allows), about a 5 minute drive from the beach. In keeping with Aman’s general style, the look is clean, calm, and luxurious without appearing to try too hard. Well chosen Balinese touches like teak sculptures are embedded into the design. Meditative gamelan music wafts across the property and sets a peaceful tone. Frangipani trees and bougainvilleas exist in vibrant abundance, and lotus ponds appear here and there between buildings. The vast central pool is a thing of beauty, only marred by our discovery of a few rusty nails in its depth - which the staff promptly dove in to retrieve once they were pointed out. The pool-side seating under a bougainvillea covered trellis is particularly enticing, and the colossal stone stairway (attached to a huge carved wall) that leads down to the pool is rather impressive. Settle in, have a nap, read a book, or just gaze up at the bougainvilleas against the blue sky, and make it your primary perch during your stay.



The stone-walled and thatched-roof suites are sprinkled around the property, with particular care to give them as much privacy as possible. Each suite has a courtyard and a terrace with a daybed with fans laid out to swat any impertinent flies that might dare disturb your peace. There is an outdoor shower and a sunken indoor bath with a large window overlooking a little pond - replete with fascinating little pond skaters and frogs. The shower amenities are in refillable containers, which we particularly appreciate. Some suites have private pools.  A constantly replenished fruit bowl with local seasonal fruits like snake fruit had us excitedly googling fruits we hadn’t eaten before. We also loved the choice of tuberoses as the flower of choice for the rooms -  with particular appreciation for their simple appearance that always belies their deliciously heady scent.



The kitchen is happy to accommodate any request they can. There are two restaurants, one Italian and the other pan-Asian and Western. The menus are fairly simple, and while nothing was an absolute standout, we were happy with what we ate. Produce is procured locally from the Jimbaran market, fish is purchased from local fisherfolk, and waste is composted, and this effort to be sustainable gets a particular thumbs up from us. Meals are best eaten near the sweeping frangipani in the terrace.



  • Pool

  • In-room massages

  • Gym

  • Kids club

  • Two restaurants

  • Tennis courts

  • Library

  • Five-minute shuttle to a pristine beach. Be warned, it’s best for lounging or sports, but the water seemed too rough for the casual swimmer.



Highly responsive. We experienced an awkward snafu in the guise of some presumptions when it came to our surnames, but the manager quickly swooped in and offered us complimentary massages to make up for the slight. Fruit skewers arrive magically every time you even so much as hover near a deckchair - the staff is ever present but discreet.


what's nearby?

The Bali Golf Club is across the street if you fancy a round, though we observed some markers of a less than classy establishment - think sexist uniforms for female caddies.


how do you get here?

Fly into Bali’s Denpasar airport and get picked up for your half hour ride to the Nusa Dua peninsula where the resort is located.