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why stay here? 

●      Serenity

●      Art and antiques

●      Simple, delectable food


feel & design

A tranquil hush envelops you as you enter the first of many courtyards, graced by one of the many frangipani trees on the property, and covered in white pebbles. The work of architect Ong-ard Satrabandhu, best known for mixing old styles with contemporary touches, this oasis in the middle of Chiang Mai is based on old Lanna style (13th-15th century) architecture. We are told that the buildings are energy-efficient, and were happy to learn that they were built by local artisans with reclaimed materials. The rooms and corridors are eclectic treasure chests of a broad mix of regionally inspired art and antiques. The sleek outdoor pool is picture perfect for quick dips in Chiang Mai’s perennially balmy weather.



There are 26 rooms in this small boutique space. All rooms and suites have whitewashed brick walls, and feature simple but luxurious white linen. The décor accomplishes a beautiful harmony, offsetting the meditative white walls with dark wood furniture, rich rugs, and muted red-gold antiques and mythologically inspired art on the walls. The antiques and art are mainly of Myanmese, Chinese or Thai persuasion. They are all well chosen and placed - creating a pause for admiration but managing to avoid turning into clutter. Occasional pesky mosquitoes drifted in each time we went in and out of the room, which we didn’t look kindly upon, so we recommend asking for repellant and buzzing in and out quickly yourself. Across from each room is a small reading alcove which makes for a convenient resting spot to take in the lovely flowering frangipani in the courtyard below.



The restaurant serves delicately prepared traditional Burmese, Shan and Lanna dishes, as well as some pan-European options. Blue and white Chinese dinnerware and white tablecloths create a pristine finish. If you’re staying for more than two days, you may find yourself running out of options as the menu is a neat and trim affair, but then again, some of the dishes are worth eating again. Some repeats on our table over a few days included lamb stuffed rotis, a refreshing coriander salad, and a Shan style chicken. Meals can be served in the peaceful indoor dining area as well as the open courtyard.



●      Pool

●      Library

●      Art gallery

●      Restaurant (in-door and outdoor dining)

●      Masseuse on call



Warm and solicitous without being intrusive.


what's nearby?

Rachamankha is a retreat in the midst of Chiang Mai's historic city center. It’s right next to Wat Phra Singh, the city’s largest temple, and allows easy walking access around the city.


how do you get here? 

Fly into Chiang Mai and get picked up at the airport for a 20 minute ride there.